Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yes, I am a Mormon teenage girl, or a "Laurel" to those acquainted with LDS jargon. I've created this blog naively and anonymously with the hopes of providing a resource for other girls like me. I am seventeen. I stress over SAT scores, over boys, over family, over just about everything. Though I attribute the church and the Young Women's program to making it this far, I wanted to form a comprehensive source for sharing ideas and learning from our fellow saints. As sister's in Zion we should all be using the resources available to us to help our fellow sister's cope with finding a testimony and making the choices that determine our future. This task is daunting, and we shouldn't have to do it alone. We have our family, our church leaders and of course the Lord to turn to, but a great source of strength can come from each other. I have questions! I want to learn from you! I want your questions! I will look to the scriptures and try to provide you with suggestions that reflect the teachings of the church. By no definition am I perfect, I am just trying to fulfill my divine potential. I know many of you have the same goals as me, and as a chosen generation we can unite to achieve greatness.
Thanks for visiting~
Sister in Zion